Glass Nouveau mirrors

Someone once, in ancient times, melted a handful of sand, and the result, glass, conquered mankind forever. Able to soften the sometimes too bright sunlight, or soften the harshness of a cloudy day, it ennobles both the craftsman and the viewer. That's how stained glass came into being, from a grain of sand that man put in the fire.

The Art Nouveau period was, in my opinion, extremely similar to the one we are living now. In that period, amidst the industrial boom, there was talk of much, cheap, mass-produced but why ugly? Nowadays, globalisation and computerisation have much the same influence on our quality of life: lots of cheap, mass-produced goods. And now I come and ask: why is it compulsory and ugly? We produce a lot, cheaply and .... I think people like me, spurred on by people like you, should set the tone for another Nouveau period. I think we need to reinstate the scale of values that has generated so much progress, to produce the beautiful that you want to take home.

GLASS NEW, a new approach to expression through stained glass, refers directly to the source of inspiration for my drawings, attempting to bridge the years and rekindle interest in the beautiful Belle Epoque. It was the period when stained glass was reborn after the glory gained in the Gothic and Renaissance, and the delusion of the times when Baroque was the dominant style. We still admire today the works signed by Louis Confort Tiffany, Renne MacIntosh, Hector Guimard or Antonio Gaudi to name but a few. If until then stained glass was only used to decorate windows, it will find new places from which, filtering and transforming light, it can influence our lives. Since then, stained glass has been integrated into the architectural context in the form of light ceilings, lamps, doors or furniture. Today I propose a different kind of window. Another kind of stained glass. My mirrors are windows in which you can look at yourself and communicate with yourself, in which, at least for me, I look for my soul.

Mirror. This is how I try to restore the mirror to its rightful value: the most beautiful piece of furniture in a house. It is the only one, the only one able to capture and render light, colour and create the illusion of space. It is the only one that responds to you when you walk past it. A century ago it was displayed in places of honour such as lounges, living rooms, dining rooms, adorned with gorgeous frames. For years now, I think about seventy, out of material or intellectual poverty it has been banished, banished to cramped, sometimes hidden and poorly lit places.

I think it's time to stop keeping it drilled in four corners and screwed to the bathroom tile, or double taped to the bedroom closet door. Let's release it again, adorn it and let it delight us again.

I try to give it a new valence by surrounding your reflection with plays of light filtered by coloured glass.

I hope I will hear less and less the remark ʺI donʺt like your mirrors because they look oldʺ. I hope my approach will entice more and more people to omit wrinkles or acne, a rebellious lock of hair or a crooked tie knot, and take more notice of their eyes. Seek in them youth, dreams, plans, and they will generate an ageless spirit. For they are the mirror of the soul, the only place you can look, and some even find..... ʺage without old age ...ʺ.

And I will look into your eyes as you look into my mirrors, they will look back at you. And the result of this exchange will be for me a verdict given by a jury both select and numerous.