"There is no other decorative art that is able to capture our souls as deeply as stained glass, because the light that pours through stained glass is the very colored light of the sun, ...... This is the cause of the mystical effect, which emanates from the windows of cathedrals to us, because in contrast to any decorative painting, whose support is always defunct and shrivelled, the sunlight streaming through the colours of the glass produce a permanent vibration, are iridescent and glowing, making the effect of the rays through it have the effect of a living phenomenon on us."

- Roth Miksa

Let me explain how and the steps we will follow, together, so that one of my works will finally arrive at your home.

Get ready for the first discussion and write me an email expressing your wishes as explicitly as possible. I say "prepare yourself" because you will have to describe very well your home, the place where we will place the stained glass window and the surrounding environment (furniture, colours...). Quite probably I will also ask you for some pictures.

In the next phase I will draw a theme that I think is appropriate to your requirements and at the same time to the environment in which we will place it. I stress here that the drawing will not be taken from the "net" and will not be extracted from a software library, but will be your drawing.

The good news is that so far it doesn't cost NIMIC. Can you possibly set me an upper price limit.

Prices depend on the number and complexity of the work, size and quality of the glass. Please also do not compare my prices except with other stained glass, i.e. puzzles made of mass-coloured glass pieces assembled in Tiffany or lead technique. The other decorative glass made by resin painting, foil applications.... are not of the same quality. Vitraliile : nu have front and back, in case of scratching nu it spoils the colour of the work and in case of breakage the cracked pieces nu fall out of the metal mesh.

If the proposal meets your wishes, I will be able to make you an offer regarding the exact price of the work. If not, we work on the drawing or I make another proposal. I would like to think that your decision will not be influenced by the price.

Next: contract, advance payment, execution, installation and final payment.

See you!